SUNY Westchester Community College
Art 112 | 2D Design | Prof. Claudia Jacques
Wednesday | Ref # 11622 or Thursday | Ref # 11623 | Spring 2018

The Journey Begins


*My name is ____Jordan Chin___ but I prefer to be called ____ J2___

*I live in __Tuckahoe, NY_____

*I usually get to campus by __40 bus________. It usually takes me about __20-25 mins__ to get to campus from home.
* I am most fluent in (name languages) –English and Spanish although I don’t speak Spanish as often
Someone(s) I know who has earned a college degree(s) would be- Most of  my immediate family
*In my free time I enjoy playing video games.
Something I like about college is the atmosphere.
Something I don’t like about college is homework.
Are you looking to earn a degree at Westchester Community College? _Yes  If so, about how close are you to completing it? __2nd semester in.
I chose to enroll in 2D Design because im curious about 2D design.
The final grade I’d like to earn in 2D Design is ___80-90.
I expect to spend about ____4-6__hours per week on homework for 2D Design.
In five years I would like to be running my own enterprise.

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